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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what is the appeal to the consumer about using multi-million pound companies like UPS, DHL, FedEx etc? Rather than opting to utilise a smaller independent courier? I can only conclude that it’s all down to ‘Brand Perception’ and cost, and when I say cost, I mean ‘CHEAP’!

What I mean by ‘Brand Perception’, is that these companies have the ability to cleverly and expensively advertise their services on an extremely frequent basis to target a wider audience on T.V, billboards etc so it’s in the faces of the consumer all of the time, we remember these adverts and we convince ourselves that “this is the right company for me!”

The difference with these companies is that they are unable to offer a personal and exclusive service which is the ONLY way to guarantee the highest service level.

Assured Same Day Couriers believe that there is a lot in favour of the smaller businesses who can offer a more bespoke service and the consumer should be encouraged to research them..

With Assured Same Day Couriers you will always receive a very personal service, delivering the highest possible service level with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

  • You will speak to the same person on the phone from placing your booking, all the way through to the delivery of your item
  • 97% of calls are answered within three rings which eradicates the hellish automated phone system, you actually get to speak to a human being!
  • No large call centres to navigate your way through a phone system, having to explain yourself more than once because you have been put through to the wrong department! (We’ve all been there!)

Take YODEL for example. A delivery company privately owned by 2 billionaires, which has also been voted the worst delivery company 2 years in a row*. The consumer continues to use companies like these, who consistently offer sub-standard services that result in unnecessary stress because they are CHEAP and their service level is reflected in their quotes.

In our experience, ‘Cheap’ isn’t always as it seems. (Have you ever used Hermes?) Time is money and if you have had to spend time chasing up a lost parcel or worse case, having to re-purchase a gift to ensure it arrives at its destination on time because the first one has been lost in the system, then ultimately, it’ll cost you more. (and these are not hypothetical situations, these are real examples of customers who have reached out to us because they have been massively failed by well-known couriers)

So what do you get with Assured Same Day Couriers that you don’t with the industry ‘Big Boys’?

  • Expertise
  • Consistency
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Delivery Assured
  • Exclusivity

When we say “Delivery Assured”, we mean it and deliver on our promises. Our drivers do not leave the delivery point until a signature has been obtained, photograph or proof that the delivery has been made with a verbal agreement from the customer if a simple signature isn’t available.

If you would like to discuss joining us as an account customer please call 0330 128 9355 or visit our website here. I look forward to welcoming you to our ‘Assured’ service.

Kind Regards,

Peter Lloyd

Managing Director

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