• History of the Courier Industry
    History of the Courier Services Industry is very aged and interesting. Present Courier Services industry faced many challenges in their history. Now we are using them to make our life more comfortable. The courier industry is as old as our first civilization. In ancient times, courier and important messages were delivered with the help of […]
  • Corporate Giants
    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what is the appeal to the consumer about using multi-million pound companies like UPS, DHL, FedEx etc? Rather than opting to utilise a smaller independent courier? I can only conclude that it’s all down to ‘Brand Perception’ and cost, and when I say cost, I mean ‘CHEAP’! What […]
  • Should We Work From Home More Often?
    It has now been over a month since we have been working from home due to COVID-19, and I must admit, I like it. So the question has to be asked if it is sustainable. Can our businesses be run from home? We have all learnt that keeping in touch isn’t so difficult with modern […]
  • Remote Working
    As the nation is now in “lockdown” due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Government advice is for us all (where possible) to work remotely. This is now the case for Assured Same Day Couriers. Boris Johnson has made it very clear in his evening briefings that we must remain indoors/in our homes in order to […]
  • Coronavirus – Additional Measures In Place
    COVID 19 update. Here at Assured Same Day Couriers, we are currently following all the information and guidelines from Public Health England to effectively manage the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our Customers and employees remain our highest priority and we want to reassure you that we aim to mitigate the impact on services, minimise risk of infection […]