As the nation is now in “lockdown” due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Government advice is for us all (where possible) to work remotely. This is now the case for Assured Same Day Couriers. Boris Johnson has made it very clear in his evening briefings that we must remain indoors/in our homes in order to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. As we are within the remit of ‘Keyworkers’, our drivers who have remained healthy are out delivering to the nation.

Working from home isn’t the easiest of tasks to undertake due to having two small children under the age of five, who either want to answer the phone for me and/or tap away at the keyboard! So, if you are now working from home, I have compiled a short list that I believe will assist in your day to day activities and keep you focusing on the job in hand whilst maintaining your sanity!!

  • Shower and Dressed – Seems easy enough, right? Not necessarily, and please don’t fall foul of this…. It’s so easy to think “I’m not in my regular corporate work environment so will work in my p.j’s”, I can assure you, this is not conducive to a productive day. Start as you mean to go on….Get dressed, get in the zone and get to work as you would as if you were in the office!  (“But you don’t want to sit with your laptop in bed, or sat in your dressing gown all day!)
  • Joe Wicks – Yes!! During this time, Joe is doing a great 30 minute live stream fitness class on you tube. Great to get the heart going and set yourself up for the day! I do it with my four year old son and we definitely feel energised for the day.
  • Work Alone – Find a room in the house where you can be away from the rest of the household. My children are slowly understanding that when Daddy is in the office, they should try not to disturb me. This hasn’t always been easy but it’s a lesson we are all learning together.
  • Quality Time – Although you are still working, and being paid during the hours of business then you should be focusing on what tasks you have been set. BUT, also use your time wisely, spend additional quality time with your family that you would not ordinarily get.
  • Get Out – Government guidelines advises we can do I outdoor activity each day so take advantage. Easiest one is walk. Get out and walk, even if its 10 minutes, it all helps.
  • Finish The Day – Another obvious one but when 5.30 hits or whatever time you usually finish work, ensure you finish. Computer off, ignore emails and pour a glass of…….. I know what ‘m pouring!!

There’s no right or wrong here, its about what works best in your household. Good luck everyone.

Kind Regards

Peter Lloyd

Managing Director

Assured Same Day Couriers

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