It has now been over a month since we have been working from home due to COVID-19, and I must admit, I like it. So the question has to be asked if it is sustainable. Can our businesses be run from home?

We have all learnt that keeping in touch isn’t so difficult with modern technology, using systems like Zoom, Houseparty and WhatsApp have proved it. We discovered that at the beginning communication between us dropped but we needed to raise our game to ensure we are all working as one team still. This has been a challenge at times but one we have overcome.

With no running costs of an office, can many businesses pass this savings on to their customers? For me, I am finding that I am more productive. I have my family round me. Having a little visitor come running into my ‘office’ certainly puts a smile on my face.

As many plus points there are, there’s also negative ones. We all need a break from home life and going out to work certainly gives that. Talking to others about what they got up to at the weekend, do you have bragging rights due to the weekends football results?

I hope you are all keeping safe during this lockdown period. Last night Boris Johnson gave the first hint of an exit plan which is much needed news for our nation. Fingers crossed we return to normality in the not too distant future

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